Cats Cats Cats….

My husband (Sven) and I have been together for¬†eighteen years. We started dating when I was fifteen and well, he was the one. The best guy I’ve ever met -even on the days that I’d love to knock him on the head – I adore him. ūüôā

Our first¬†set of¬†cats¬†were my beloved Bailey and his partner in crime Nala. We got them in 1994 and they have had amazing lives. Our Bailey passed away¬†about¬†a year and a half ago but Nala is still kicking it strong. She is now a tiny little lady, deaf¬†and very content with a quiet life. When we got¬†Bailey and Nala, Sven started a trend of rescuing cats. We rescued Loki,¬†Quinn and the amazing Gizmo. All these cats made our home the crazy cat home and¬†I loved it. They each had amazing¬†characters and were wonderful.¬†Thinking our house was full enough, we then rescued two more and gave them good homes but then it happened… Sven met the strangest cat yet.

His warehouse had a kitten hiding in the steel pipes of stock. Not a big problem except that each night this little guy would come out of hiding and trip the alarm. Needless to say that after a week of being called in at all odd hours of the night, the management wanted whatever it was out! They set live traps to catch the little one and Sven stepped in. What no one had known was that #1 it was a cat and #2 he had been eating the rat poison during the night and was now slowly dying. Enraged, Sven rushed him to the vet where the kitten was treated and we put him into quarantine in our bedroom.

This¬†kitten was in rough shape, cut and scraped, nails split, internally bleeding.¬†He was so small but was the wildest creature I had ever met. This was Hobbes – our little tiger.¬†The more we slowly gained trust, the more the cat softened. Hobbes has become the funniest, strongest, sweetest and most gentle cat I have ever known. He LOVES to eat and I don’t blame him though he is now roughly about 30lbs. of solid weight. He meows like a tiny kitten still yet walks like a bulldog and follows me everywhere. His nickname is Drama because everything he does is in definite, dramatic moves.

Nala and Hobbes are our only cats left from our clan. I miss every cat that has left us every day but I thoroughly enjoy the amount of attention I can give to Hobbes and Nala, a 30lb. bundle of love and an eighteen year old, 3lb. little lady.

Eighteen years together, no kids yet but we’ve had our fun in parenting. Any pet owner understands the love that comes with having your loved animal be a part of your family. To those who have lost theirs recently, my thoughts are always with you.

Last night I found out for the first time that Hobbes loves the camera. I never realized it but the images prove it. He did these actions ONLY when the lens was pointed at him. I have never seen that happen before and that just makes me love him even more.