Sleepovers are fun…

My niece is the sweetest little girl EVER.

She is a smart, funny, adorable and most importantly a kind child. She calls me Lala and I adore my nickname. From the moment my sister told me she was pregnant I have thought of one moment… the moment when my little niece would be old enough to come over for sleepovers that consisted of dress up, forts in the livingroom and fun. The time has come and so far, so good.

We are on to our third sleepover and each one has been a blast. I miss her so much when my life gets over run and these photos help me remember and enjoy the fun of our times together.

I love you lil’ Bee.


My 18 year old cat is verrry patient and I am so happy that she wore the crown. I think she liked it.

I gave her my fan from Spain which reminded her of Mulan and Japan. She’s saying “China is really far..”  Too true little one. 🙂


She’s singing to herself and I think that is her magical mirror.


Take notice to the perfect line of shoes in the fort and exactly how many pairs she brought for the sleepover!

  • Maggie said:

    It looks like you've had a blast, so far!!! I miss my great neice so much when I don't see her and she is too young yet to do sleepovers!