Sometimes you need a new friend…

I love my friends. So many of them I have had since kindergarten or high school so they have blended into an amazing family of sorts. I have ones that I won’t see for months, years maybe and when we see each other, no time has passed. We all, who are fortunate to have these friends, are truly blessed. They are friendships that last forever and that is so special. You can also have the friends you’ve met along the way, through jobs, mutual friends, social events, hobbies, etc. And those friendships are so great because they know you as you are now and not then, you can learn from them and also learn more about yourself through their eyes.

There is however something I never had until now, and that is making new and truly great friends through Facebook.

I met Miss J and her lovely PB on Facebook…  J and I went to the same high school but she was a bit older and we were never friends, we knew who each other were but that was it. (Honestly, I always wanted to be her friend because she always looked like she was having a blast. Turns out, she is still like that and I love it.)

We connected through Facebook as acquaintances and just randomly messaged each other here and there until it was quite evident we had tons in common. A “blind date” was proposed to go for dinner and see if this Facebook friendship could be real… and it sure was! This couple, simply put, is awesome – alone and together, J and PB have brought such an amazing friendship to my life which I am forever thankful for and I truly cherish… and they brought me this great new bond with two amazing kids, Gigi and Sammy, that make up a truly inspiring family.

So, if there is anything I thank Facebook for, it is for them.

That all being said, my girl J has started a really great blog of her own and thankfully, she is a much better writer than I am! For this reason, I encourage you all to visit her blog which is fun and heart warming. She will also be a guest blogger here to help out my content a bit so stay tuned and check out her blog! As it is a new blog, please read from the beginning to the present, you won’t be sorry:

Stay golden.


From an afternoon visit when meeting Magic Sam for the first time. 








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