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Guest Writer… Hello Jenny!

Guest Writer... Hello Jenny!
As I have said before, I am terrible at blogging! I recently shared this frustration with one of my most favourite people, Jenny. She has a wonderful blog ( http://cestsurprenant.weebly.com/ ) and was super kind to turn around within days and write this truly lovely blog entry for me to post up here. After wiping the tears away I wholeheartedly agreed. I will preface [...]

And the winner is….

And the winner is....
So I'm 35!!! I truly hope it's a year filled with happy. :) And to start the year off right - let's give away a present! With all of your great entries I decided to pick TWO winners this time!! I made a list of all your names and put them in a box and then my co-worker picked the two names to not have any cheating! So here they are... the winners of the photo shoot [...]