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Guest Writer… Hello Jenny!

Guest Writer... Hello Jenny!
As I have said before, I am terrible at blogging! I recently shared this frustration with one of my most favourite people, Jenny. She has a wonderful blog ( http://cestsurprenant.weebly.com/ ) and was super kind to turn around within days and write this truly lovely blog entry for me to post up here. After wiping the tears away I wholeheartedly agreed. I will preface [...]

London 2014

London 2014
So... I suck at blogging. Yep. It's been this long since my last post and for so many reasons.... life is busy, cats are crazy, house is messy, images need taken, trips need to be done, but most importantly - I am horrible at writing. For this reason, I have decided to issue some visual posts of my latest trip and this is the first edition... I introduce to you, "Lon[...]