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Guest Writer… Hello Jenny!

Guest Writer... Hello Jenny!
As I have said before, I am terrible at blogging! I recently shared this frustration with one of my most favourite people, Jenny. She has a wonderful blog ( http://cestsurprenant.weebly.com/ ) and was super kind to turn around within days and write this truly lovely blog entry for me to post up here. After wiping the tears away I wholeheartedly agreed. I will preface [...]

Sometimes you need a new friend…

Sometimes you need a new friend...
I love my friends. So many of them I have had since kindergarten or high school so they have blended into an amazing family of sorts. I have ones that I won't see for months, years maybe and when we see each other, no time has passed. We all, who are fortunate to have these friends, are truly blessed. They are friendships that last forever and that is so special. You [...]

And the winner is….

And the winner is....
So I'm 35!!! I truly hope it's a year filled with happy. :) And to start the year off right - let's give away a present! With all of your great entries I decided to pick TWO winners this time!! I made a list of all your names and put them in a box and then my co-worker picked the two names to not have any cheating! So here they are... the winners of the photo shoot [...]


My 35th birthday is coming up.... yikes is all I can say. I am not looking forward to this one as much as usual so I thought I'd have some fun and give a gift to one of you for my day!! Starting today, if you link my name or my facebook fan page to a wall post on facebook, your name will be entered in a draw to win a photo shoot with.... me!! Now this means not just l[...]