Welcome to my new blog for Talia Dezso Photography!

I am so happy to launch this new page with WordPress! I was unhappy with the size restrictions for my images and I hope to have a little more control here.

I hope you enjoy…

I have recently joined Lakeshore Light Opera as a part of the backstage crew. It have not worked in the theatre since 1994 and it was a wonderful return!! This year was a spectacular performances of Cox and Box/HMS Pinafore and it was a hit. I took time off photo work during the winter and this was the best way to feel creative.

As I woke up this past Saturday morning to get ready to leave for the last performances of the run, I looked out the window… I just could not get over what I saw!

The most beautiful, haunting fog had covered our city. As I was about to start a bittersweet but a very long day I found that it was a perfect way to start it off. I grabbed my camera and rushed out to have extra time to enjoy it.

I drove around and found the perfect spot on the lakeshore. I stood there by myself with my trusty camera and was at such peace. For the first time in months I was renewed to capture the beauty around us.

It truly was a wonderful moment and as I walked back to my car to head to the theatre – for the longest day on the show’s run – I couldn’t stop smiling.  In the last five years I have built so much art into my life and I am utterly thankful for every second of it.  Whether it’s snapping shots in the fog, capturing moments of a new family, editing images at 2am or run from stage left to stage right to make sure someone has their costume on properly, I am really thankful.

My life is good.

Here are the shots taken that morning….